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Cute Girl with Cloth Tiger

CNY 9,000 Size: 80cm * 100cm

Item # NZT-WWJ9820

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  • Artist : Wang Wenji, born in Huxian County, Shaanxi Province in 1971. A member of China Farmer Calligraphy and Painting Research Institute, the vice curator of Huxian Farmer Painting Museum, and the vice president of Huxian Farmer painting Academy.

    2006: Lecture inJapanand solo exhibition.

    2004:BirchForestin Autumn- gold prize in “ China Modern Farmer Painting Exhibition, ” collected by the State Guesthouse;

    2002: Auspicious Day- gold prize in “ China Farmer Painting Joint Exhibition,” collected by the National Gallery.

    Painting: Cute Girl with Cloth Tiger .  This painting is Chinese peasant painting , it’s self-made painting and print by peasants for self- appreciation. The creation of the painting , is a kind of sparetime cultural activity among the local peasants. From their unique works, you can feel the pure fresh and sweet smell of the soil of the countryside with rivers and lakes around, and the painters’ love for their life. The technique of expression of Chinese peasant painting has obvious regional characteristics. It depicts beautiful idyllic scenery, lively peasant life, passionate farming scene and raptured festival celebration by using showy color, exaggerated description, profound theme and concise style. Chinese peasant painting fully embodies the feature of modern folk art.

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